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Filming in Ethiopia with LUCIA


In February 2011 we headed out to Ethiopia in Africa to film a documentary following the UK based charity LUCIA on a routine checkup of their support schemes. We also produced a short series of tutorial video blogs about our Africa shoot with some useful tips & tricks for shooting in the field – click here for a list of those tutorials.

LUCIA believe that the key to positive change is to help the African people, particularly women, help themselves via education and long term self sustainable development projects. This in turn reduces reliance on international aid. The finished documentary is available to view below.

During our travels around Ethiopia, we were driven and guided by tour driver, Demiss Mamo. Over the course of the time we spent there, Demiss was not only incredibly helpful, supportive and hard-working, but he was great fun. By the end of the trip we’d made a friend for life. We agreed to help support his driving business by producing a short promotional video to help raise his client base.

In the Summer of 2011 LUCIA hosted a charity ball where the film was premiered.

Amazing what a shower and some clean clothes can do!

Amazing what a shower and some clean clothes can do!

The trip was an incredible experience and we’d like to thank all the staff at LUCIA for their support in the making of this project. We hope that the video increases awareness LUCIA’s incredible work and in turn help the wonderful people of Ethiopia. Amesegënallô!

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