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COSMOS is a modern sci-fi mystery following three amateur astronomers who accidentally intercept what they believe is a signal from an alien civilisation.


Realising they may have just stumbled across Mankind’s greatest discovery, they must race to document their finding, prove its authenticity and share it with the world before it is lost forever...


... but the truth they uncover is even more incredible than any of them could have imagined.

COSMOS is modern sci-fi with a nostalgic feel - inspired by the character driven movies of the Amblin-era where the ordinary meets the extraordinary and the extraterrestrial.


It isn’t  gritty, hard-nosed take on first contact, but a story of friendship, wonder and the belief that our search for new life brings out the best in us.


'ZERO BUDGET MOVIE-MAKING' COSMOS was produced by a core crew of three and cast of three. It was made over a period of 5 years with no financial backing. All gear and locations were pre-owned or borrowed. COSMOS was made to demonstrate the potential of the directors and the talent involved... and we think we've done a pretty splendid job. From a friend's garage in Birmingham, UK to a Premiere in the heart of Hollywood... 

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DISTRIBUTION COSMOS secured distribution with Global Indie Distributor, GRAVITAS VENTURES, and is currently available to view WORLDWIDE on VOD, SVOD & AVOD Platforms as well as DVD & BluRay. The film held its UK Premiere in its hometown of Birmingham in July 2019 and celebrated its global release with a US Premiere in the heart of Hollywood, November 2019.



We believe there's a warmth to movies, once abundant in cinema, that is sadly all too rare today - COSMOS is our love letter to a time of wonder and we are thrilled that people all over the world are connecting with it.

‘Cosmos has the heart and humor of a Steven Spielberg film and the
sci-fi and cosmological wonder of a J.J. Abrams film; a bare-bones kind
of sci-fi with big ideas like Primer...’

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