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Use the PDF viewer below to read through the final draft of the COSMOS screenplay. We've scanned our actual shooting script, so inside you'll see handwritten notes made during production! Keep an eye out for dialogue edits, continuity notes and even new scene ideas - for example the note "Uncle Rat Sequence - Mike Finds & All Sing" on page 35 which we dropped in after we found the wonderful folk song "Uncle Rat" and thought it would bring much needed levity to that point in the film.


Pay close attention to the yellow notes - they show film soundtrack titles we listened to while writing - they set the tone for that specific scene. Find them on your favourite music player and listen as you read to get a feeling of what COSMOS felt like before it had its very own soundtrack.

You'll also see short codes like "SV 1 / BOOTUP" - these were the codes used on our fictional software to cue the correct screen animations for that moment of the story. Typing just one of these codes would set the individual screen animations to certain, relevant states - for example, "SV 1" stood for "Scope Viewer Animation 1" and would run a series of animations simulating the boot up of Harry's Scope Viewer software. Learn more about the creation of these "FUI's" on our blog here.

Most of all, enjoy! Thanks for being part of Team Cosmos - let us know what you think x

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