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Royal Television Society Award Nomination


TV Documentary 2x 52′ / 1X 90′ HD “You’ve seen the movie, now discover the full story”


We are extremely excited to announce that the 13 Factors That Saved APOLLO 13 documentary film that we directed and produced for Free Spirit Film & TV has received a regional Royal Television Society nomination for Best Factual Programme of the year.

RTS Logo

This nomination is a real honour as the RTS Awards represent the gold standard of achievement in the British television community. Each year the Royal Television Society recognises excellence across the entire range of programme making and broadcasting skills, and showcases the wealth of production talent Britain has to offer.

We’re very proud to be considered worthy of this nomination considering the calibre and scale of our co-nominees, who include the BBC, North One Television and Maverick TV.


The Awards will be announced later in the year so stay tuned for updates. Please enjoy the 13 Factors trailer below if you’re interested in finding out more about the film.

Thanks, E & Z.

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